V2 Typing & Affidavit Services

Location TUNAPUNA, Tunapuna-Piarco
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Citizenship, State Land, ID Card, Immigration, Marital Status, Adjust Names Birth Certificate, Legal Guardian, Marriage Certificate, Incorrect Spelling in School Certificate, Passport, W.A.S.A./T&TEC Installation, HDC – Application / Add /Removal, Thumb Print Affidavit, Application For Pension, Lost/Stolen/Destroyed Documents, Bail Application, Court Maintenance, Death Benefits, Maternity Benefits, Presidential Pardon, Vehicle Engine/Head & Block, Transfer Land,
Transfer Apartment, Late Registration Vehicle Transfer....


Agreements 500.00+ - Contractor, Leases, Tenant, Car Rental, Money, Agent, DJ CONTRACTS etc….

Business Proposals 800.00+ - Food, Car Rental, Taxi, Security, Body Guard, Hair & Beauty Salon, Daycare, Landscaping, Nightclub, Bar, Construction,
Auto Repair, Janitorial, Car Wash etc…..

Notice to Quit 100.00 - Quit job, Tenancy. Etc…

Quotes, Invoices, Letters, Flyers, Resumes - 50.00+

Affidavits 100.00
Forms 100.00+
Wills 800.00
Power of Attorney 1,000.00
By-Laws 1,000.00
Uncontested Divorces 2,000.00


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